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Peter Duncan - Delighten

Peter Duncan

Delighten designed and built the website for the former Blue Peter presenter and a former star of BBC One’s new celebrity TV show Tumble.

The new website is fully mobile (optimised to look and work well on mobile and desktop devices). Delighten also created a logo and brand for the project.

The website uses a Content Management System (CMS) allowing Peter to post articles, videos and music tracks with the minimum of effort.


The challenge

Delighten faced a challenge of redesigning heresoneimadeearlier.com website in time for a new BBC show Tumble. The show was aired in 2014 and featured celebrities taking part in gymnastics to win the votes of the public. Peter Duncan was one of those celebrities.

Designing the brand

After talking to the client and making some research into his background, we knew that the brand he’d be the most happy with was supposed to be fun and colourful.

The heresoneimadeearlier.com website is meant to represent what “makes” used to demonstrate in the Blue Peter show: a constructed useful object made from things found around the house, i.e. the pins (social media icons), the paper (the main content page), photographs (some photos of Peter and his family) or a hand made logo.

Planning the website

One of the most important things about a website is its content. Once a purpose of a website is established, creating a message and a layout is a secondary thing. It was very clear to us that the client wanted a website that would represent his professional image.

We decided to go with a simple, 5-page website. We divided it into sections that are related to Peter Duncan’s life and career. For instance, if a user clicked on “About” he would have been taken to a webpage on Peter’s personal and professional life.