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Ottspott web app - Delighten


Ottspott makes communication between a client and an organisation easier.

With Ottspott, an organisation doesn’t need to have a phone to have a local phone number. With simple Slack integration, Ottspott lets a user make and receive calls through their browser.

Delighten worked with the client (APIdaze) to design a complete user interface, a website and a brand. We also did prototyping and produced visuals, including a PITCH presentation APIdaze presented at the Web Summit in Dublin.


Designing the brand

After talking to the client and doing some research on the company’s competitors, we decided that the brand needed to have a corporate aesthetic that appealed to those in the technology sector, including developers in small companies as well as software strategists in larger organisations. We also wanted to create a symbol that would represent what the company’s product does best: bringing people together regardless of the distance.

For inspiration, we looked into Damien Hurst’s spot paintings. Since the painter is one of our client’s favourites, our job was slightly easier than we thought – we now had the point of reference.

We started creating some simple shapes and experimented with spots. The final design was quite fun (right hand side, above) and represented a two-people symbol and a conversation that might be happening between them: two ellipse-like shapes to show two individuals and three spots in between them to show ‘a conversation’ they might be having. We kept the logo design very simple and paired the symbol with a clean sans-serif typeface.