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Oliver Emberton - Delighten

Oliver Emberton

Delighten created a professional blog for Oliver Emberton, which attracts millions of readers every year.

Delighten created the logo and brand, a fully responsive blog, and created a custom email solution that automatically emails Oliver’s subscribers every time he writes a post.

The finished website uses a Content Management System (CMS) allowing Oliver to post professional looking blog articles with the minimum of effort.


Creating the brand

Oliver Emberton is a founder of Silktide, a software company based in Derby. Oliver is also a writer. On his blog he writes about understanding and getting the most of life. The client approached Delighten with an idea of refreshing his personal website’s brand. The website he had at the time was outdated and not responsive. Oliver wanted to give his new website a fresh and friendly, and have a website accessible on every device.

The above logo was one of the first steps we took. We wanted an icon to be more than just an image. We wanted it to mean something.

Since Oliver is a writer, we decided to use his pen-name initials for creating an icon. The icon represents three letters: “O”, “C”, “E” and stands for “Oliver Christopher Emberton” or Oliver’s pen-name: OC Emberton. We’re rounded the logo to achieve a soft and friendly aesthetics.