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How we work - Delighten

How we work

We have a 7 stage process to build websites / apps and they are as follow: Start, Wireframes, Graphic design, Web design, CMS, Content, Launch.

Wireframe mockup

1. Start

Delighten set up Basecamp to transparently manage your project.

Basecamp is far easier and more structured than working with lots of emails. Here we’ll be able to:

  • share messages
  • designs
  • files
  • to-do lists, among other things.

It helps keep everybody’s progress transparent.

More about Basecamp.

2. Wireframes

Delighten present wireframe (Balsamiq) mockups of the proposed website, to agree on an overall structure. It helps us sort out functionality, content placement, and navigation.

As our starting point we usually create a wireframe of a homepage.

3. Graphic design

Delighten produce three concepts for the website for review, covering a single page each (usually the homepage).

The client provides feedback and one concept is then developed, covering the core templates (usually the homepage and a content page). Up to three rounds of revisions may then be done to these pages.

4. Web design

The approved graphic design is coded into static web page templates (HTML), available to the client in a test area over the Internet.

These pages are made responsive (to fit a mobile and a tablet screen) and have hovered states (i.e. parts may change when your mouse moves over them). The client approves these templates.

5. Content Management System

The web page design is coded into WordPress, the Content Management System Delighten use. Once in this format, both Delighten and the client can begin adding content to the website.

Find out more about WordPress.

6. Content

Both Delighten and the client add content (text, images, videos) to the website until it is ready for launch. It is common for some minor refinements to be conducted at this time.

7. Launch

The client approves the site to go live on an agreed date.

After launch

After launch, you can ask Delighten to make changes or additions to your site over time. These may be covered by your support agreement.

We revisit all customers at least once a year to ensure they are happy with our services and offer them relevant updates.