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App design Archive - Delighten

App design in Derby

Delighten have a considerable experience in designing simple yet professional web and mobile applications across multiple platforms.

App design

Our focus is on designing product driven apps – apps that do something, that’s why most companies with whom we’ve worked range from healthcare organisations to software companies (our experience with software companies involved creating user interface designs due to companies’ lack of UX design specialists).

We’ve also done multiple projects for individual clients.

Our services include:

  • back-office user interfaces for client accounts,
  • web applications for software applications,
  • mobile apps for healthcare organisations.

Our approach to creating successful apps lies within the concept of thinking about a product end in mind – we never start creating anything unless our client and us have a clear understanding of what functionality of an app should be. This helps us ensure that the navigational structure of an app is logical and reasonable.

If you have an idea for a mobile or a web app we’ll be happy to help you outline your project vision and organise your thoughts into a one coherent idea and then – develop your app.

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