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About - Delighten

We make apps & websites that delight.

About - Web design
About - mobile app

At Delighten we’re passionate about building beautiful apps and websites users love to use.

We’ve worked with clients based in the UK (Derby, Nottingham, London, Dublin) as well in other European cities (Warsaw, Paris).

Our clients range from celebrities to public sector organisations, from photographers to new start-ups.

Our services include: app design / user interface designlogo & brand designmobile web designcontent managed websitesprint design, website hosting.

If you’d like to discuss your new app, web design idea or simply just have a chat about your current product, contact us – we’d be happy to help. We’re based at Friar Gate Studios in Derby.

Frequently asked questions

1. How do Delighten work?

We have a 7 stage process to build websites / apps and they are as follow: Start, Wireframes, Graphic design, Web design, CMS, Content, Launch.

Read more about how we work

2. How long does it take to build a website / app?

The timescales differ depending on your requirements but usually, it takes about 7 weeks to develop a website, and 3-6 months to develop an app.

If you have a specific date that your site or an app need to go live by we’ll do our best to make sure that deadline is met.

An example of a site we spend only two weeks on developing was a website for Peter Duncan, a former Blue Peter presenter. Peter needed the website to go live before taking part in a BBC One’s celebrity show Tumble.

3. How much does it cost to build a website / app?

The cost of developing a websites start from £2k+ (ex. VAT) but it depends on your requirements. The cost of developing an app is also very dependant on what you’d like it does. Usually, our pricing is between £5 – 10k (ex. VAT).

4. Will I own the design, text and graphic elements of my website?

The intellectual property of the finished project – including designs, imagery and code – belongs solely to the client.

5. Can you host my website or do I need to find a hosting provider?

We host most of our clients’ websites, but you’re free to host elsewhere.

6. Will I be able to view my website on other devices?

All our websites are responsive, meaning they fit every device.

Your website will look good and work well on smartphones, tablets and desktop devices.

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